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To be creative ultimately is to be nothing more than human.
To be human is of necessity to be creative.
– Peter Evans and Geoff Deehan,
The Keys to Creativity

Excerpt from exposé

empty canvas : wondering mind acknowledges the difficulty – the freeze-up – many would-be creatives experience when faced with the blank paper, the lump of clay, the pile of fabric scraps – whatever – without any idea of where and how to begin. It simply offers ways into the creative playground. And the best way, as Julia Cameron puts it, isn’t to think things up but to get things down.

If you intuit that creativity, like freedom, is a given – coming at the beginning, not at the end – yet you remain daunted in the face of the empty canvas, perhaps this series of e-books will be a helpful companion as you walk your creative path.

empty canvas : wondering mind affirms that we are creative creatures from our first cell-division. It claims that there is nothing to do and nowhere to go in order to be that which we already are: Creation, creating.

It doesn’t propose to recover or heal or attain creativity. Its underlying assumption is that creativity isn’t something separate from our pulsing body and mind.  The notion that creativity is something we must attain, acts to block the naturally flowing creative spirit.

Instead, it proposes that innate creativity is fuelled by wonder and wondering and that it is quietly waiting for us now, within this set of circumstances, exactly right here.

The activities and projects in this series of e-books are opportunities to examine and release the notions that act to smother our natural state of creativity – the ideas, assumptions and opinions we have about it.  Because these are the saboteurs that demand our work be perfect from day one, that make it hard for us to face the empty canvas with beginner’s mind. […]

– miriam louisa simons

This whole adventure of creativity is about joy and love.
We live for the pure joy of being
and out of that joy unfolds the ten thousand art forms
and all the branches of learning and compassionate activity.
– Stephen Nachmanovitch,
Free Play

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