empty canvas : wondering mind | book nine

notes and anecdotes


1  index of activities
2  index of elements of visual language
3  technical books and tips
4  bibliography
5  notes about this series
6  anecdotes


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As long as creation dominates your existence, you will keep growing and evolving.
Evolution thwarts entropy, decay and aging.
– Deepak Chopra

The final e-book in this series presents all the activities in books two through eight in an index organized around their relevance to the elements of visual language. (Shape, form, color, tone, texture, etc.) There is also a cross-reference to the book and page on which each activity appears. This will be particularly useful for teachers.

In consideration of space and brevity I have not included much technical information in the individual books. Where instructions are considered necessary, readers will either find them in this book or be directed to useful books for their own research.

The bibliography is intended to provide a general overview of the books and articles that have helped to shape the ideas expressed in empty canvas : wondering mind.  More details of those books used as direct references are listed at the end of each section.

In early drafts of this material each grouping of activities was introduced by a few personal stories and observations. I eventually decided to cut the majority of this material out to allow for uncluttered text. They are included here at the encouragement of my students, who insist that the personal experiences of their teachers are relevant and informative for them.

– miriam louisa simons

What we need is more sense of the wonder of life,
and less of the business of making a picture.

– Robert Henri

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