daily details 02.09.12


recycled corrugated card, ghee, acrylic paints, old dhoti, linen thread

Art happens.
No hovel is safe from it,
no prince may depend upon it,
the vastest intelligence cannot bring it about.

– James McNeill Whistler



daily details 22.08.12


handmade khadi papers, antique woven and embroidered textile fragments, chalk, whitewash, mud stains

It is only when the totality of the mind is still,
that the creative, the nameless,
comes into being.

“What do you mean by the mind?” asked the artist.

The conscious as well as the unconscious;
the hidden recesses of the heart as well as the educated bits.

– J Krishnamurti



daily details 20.08.12


painted silk, corrugated cardboard, rice paper, hemp twine, fiber reactive dyes

If you do not express your own original ideas,
if you do not listen to your own being,
you will have betrayed yourself.
– Rollo May