daily details 07.10.12


painted silk Habotai, textured card, fiber reactive dyes

The only real experiences in life [are] those lived with a virgin sensibility
– so that we only hear a tone once, only see a color once,
see, hear, touch, taste and smell everything but once, the first time.

All life is but an echo of our first sensations,
and we build up our consciousness, our whole mental life
by variations and combinations of these elementary sensations.

– Herbert Read, The Innocent Eye



daily details 06.10.12


painted silk Habotai, handmade paper, acrylic light-reflective pigments, fiber reactive dyes,
woven cotton netting

The wonder that we are
meets the wonder that always is,
and the heart sings
within the playground of serendipity.

– Rodney Smith