Pigments… from ancient recipes to ‘modern’ colours

Sabine, the tireless enthusiast and helper at Byron Bay’s “Still at the Centre” Art Store, has written an engaging post about her visit to PIGMENT in Tokyo. If you are a colour-freak and Japanophile like yours truly, methinks you’ll love this…

in bed with mona lisa

I first discovered the PIGMENT store in Tokyo on the web… it arrived one morning in my daily Flavorpill (thank you guys by the way you do an awesome job of weaving an international artistic community), and after clicking on the link, instantly, just like that, I was in love!


In a second I knew I needed to get to Japan some day and… many many moons later an opportunity came while my son was studying there. He was raving about Japan but little did he know that taking mamma on tour would lead him into dark little alleys where ink makers still produced the pigment for their sumi sticks, up long country roads to small factories where charming old ladies were making brushes in the same way they have been made for centuries or to the oldest paper store at the other end of Tokyo… which is BIG!  (Actually…

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California breathing


Wonderingmind Studio: Miriam Louisa Simons, Breathscribe Series, Ojai

breathscribe series: Ojai breathing
Ojai, California
1560 x 1530
acrylic on textured loose canvas


The breathscribe series was the focus of my studio practice while I was a summer school tutor at Oak Grove School in Ojai, California.

Unfortunately most of the work completed during that sylvan summer was auctioned at a fundraising fair for the school before being documented.

This large piece, begun beneath Californian summer skies, stayed with me. It came to Australia and was completed there, in this beautiful hand-crafted Japanese retreat in the rainforest near Byron Bay. I love the way it looks so at-home in the tokonoma.

There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted.
Then, there’s another way:
a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity.
– Rumi

my brush is my suijo
how many ways can you draw quiet?
breathscribe series