daily details 18.10.12 - miriam louisa simons


painted silk Habotai, textured card, acrylic paint, fragment of steel gauze

The noun of self becomes a verb.
This flashpoint of creation in the present moment is where work and play merge.

– Stephen Nachmanovitch



daily details 06.10.12


painted silk Habotai, handmade paper, acrylic light-reflective pigments, fiber reactive dyes,
woven cotton netting

The wonder that we are
meets the wonder that always is,
and the heart sings
within the playground of serendipity.

– Rodney Smith



daily details 05.10.12


stained, distressed canvas, gauze, wooden slats, copper wire

Merely painting pictures or being trained to paint them
or writing a poem occasionally is not what I mean by creativity.
Creativity is something entirely different, and it comes into being
when there is no concern or fear of oneself clothed in the form of virtue,
or concern for oneself socially, economically, politically.
When that concern, that fear ceases, there is creativity.

– J Krishnamurti