the nomad collection

I have placed everything produced between 1987 and 2000 into one group. During this period I led a very peripatetic lifestyle as an educator. Although mainly based in England, I also worked in India during those years, and there were several lengthy sojourns on the Continent. As every artist knows, the creative process continues regardless of one’s circumstances – even if it’s only in a dialogue between brain, heart and sketchbook.

the breathscribe series

Since the first experiments in India in the early 90s, the breathscribe series has been a consistent part of my practice. Regardless of restrictions of space, one can always find a spot to sit down and sink into the rhythm of the breath. These works are my way of touching the silence beyond the mind.

misfits & memories

There are some stray children who don’t properly belong in the nomad collection or the breathscribe series. They include pieces birthed in Japan, England, New Zealand and Australia. I’m creating a separate group for them – ‘misfits & memories’.


[in progress!]


Works grouped according to technique.