windows – uttarkashi


Doors and windows interest me wherever I travel.  Perhaps it’s the way they speak of openings, of new and unfamiliar views and perspectives. 

During a long retreat up in the Himalayan foothills I would often wander along paths that wound through simple rustic villages.  These three pieces were inspired by windows photographed on those walks, and put together with items mostly scavenged from the rubbish.  The painted silk panels were added upon my return to Bangalore.


Uttarkashi 3






windows – Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi, India
450 x 1330, with variations

Painting on silk, card and wood, collage, assemblage
Objets trouvés: recycled cardboard, window catch, hemp twine, mosquito gauze, old dhoti fragments
Washi, earth pigments, wood panel, fiber-reactive dyes, acrylic paints


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