nomad collection

making – on – the – move


An innate curiosity has meant that travel has played a big part in my life.  I’m one of those people who are just as at-ease on the road as at home.

But I don’t travel to paint; it’s rare that works are completed within the context that inspires them.  I travel to absorb, to immerse myself in other languages, beliefs, realities.  I spend time in places rather than passing through.  This immersion yields surprising impressions – often years later, when I reflect on my visual and written records and feel moved to express some form of synthesis.

For me, the essential impressions seem to need the geographic gap and gestation time in order to surface, and when they do, they often arrive fully formed.   I simply assemble them.

My nomadic life as an educator came to a halt at the end of the old century, when I relocated to Queensland, Australia, to care for the health and well-being of my parents.  There was very little time, or energy, for studio work during the next decade, but a body of works that had been either conceived, started, or left unfinished during the peripatetic years was brought to completion.  I have grouped these works as a collection rather than as examples of any particular technique.

Please click on the links below the thumbnails to view the pages with their mini-portfolios.

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