Wonderingmind Studio: Miriam Louisa Simons - K'gari



Queensland, Australia
560 x 910

Painting on textured board
acrylic paints, gold leaf, Banksia leaf

This piece was inspired by the crystal clear and fresh water of Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island (K’gari), Queensland, Australia


4 thoughts on “k’gari

    1. I take this as the highest of all accolades, coming from a cloud-dancer and scribbler-extraordinaire such as yourself Sonmi. Thank you for the inclusions in “The Cloudies” {!!!} – quite the most creative awards I’ve encountered in the badlands of blogspace thus far.

      And for the record, your blog takes all the awards for outrageous inventiveness and creativity, wisdom and wit, and other unmentionable qualities, so far as she-who-wonders is concerned.

      May all beings find their way to The Cloud!

      1. What kind and lovely words, and you are a highly deserving nominee! I wanted to give everyone an award, but it would have lost the overall impact *laughs*. I’m highly touched by the way you describe myself and my Cloudy blog miriam, thank you, thank you, thank you. x

        – sonmi beaming happily upon the Cloud.

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