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While works included in the technique mixte category also feature painted components, the works listed here are wholly worked with paint and brushes or other tools, on card or canvas.

rhythm and color

These works had their origins in samples of shibori-dyed cloth from the days when I was working as a fiber artist.

Arashi shibori is a dyeing technique in which the cloth is wrapped around a pole, tied with cord, then compressed and twisted tightly. The compacted cloth is then placed in a dyebath, and a pattern is formed where the dyestuff is resisted by the cords and folds. Typically, arashi patterns evoke the feeling of water (arashi means driving rain in Japanese). When the patterns found their way onto textured canvas to be painted using layer upon layer of color, they became a series exploring rhythm and color.

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Miriam Louisa Simons: Aquascape series

breathscribe series

This series began in India in 1994. I was curious to know what might happen if the designing, judging artist was intentionally placed out of the way: what would happen if one didn’t design a painting, or paint a design? During meditation, as the tide of my breath took me deeper and deeper into stillness and silence, the idea arose to work – somehow – with that rhythm of inspiration and exhalation which is so fundamental to my life:

What if I painted the flow of my breath?

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miriam louisa simons: Breathscribe series Miriam Louisa Simons: Breathscribe series Miriam Louisa Simons: Breathscribe series

making love with light [roses]

miriam louisa simons: Roses series miriam louisa simons: Roses series miriam louisa simons: Roses series

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