domus (Latin): dwelling

Miriam Louisa Simons, artwork, Domus series

‘Alpha Domus’, made during New Zealand’s Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, was the first in this small series. I was holed up at the Caselberg Trust’s cottage and studio in Broad Bay. My provisions were brought to me by my precious bubble-buddy and/or the Trustees. One day my wine was delivered in a re-purposed carton from the Alpha Domus vineyard in Hawkes Bay. The brand name captivated me, and before long the carton had morphed into a little icon with doors.

Back in New Zealand in 2021, the next two pieces in the series showed up. ‘Domus Angelico’ pays homage to Fra Angelico’s fresco painting, ‘The Annunciation‘, in the Museum of San Marco, Florence. I was entranced by the little window in the background, through which one glimpses the ‘Hortus Conclusus’.

The third (to date) in the series is called ‘Domus Silencio’; it came together during a time of retreat into solitude and silence.

[Greek, Latin, Spanish – sometimes my native English lacks the poetic nuance I seek…]

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