creative retreats

exploring the joy of wondering mind

Whether working ‘one-on-one’ (as in mentoring), with a small group in the seclusion of my studio, or a larger group at a retreat center, I find this work/play requires the kind of quiet focused engagement that one brings to a retreat. While a great deal of my teaching experience has been gained in the classrooms of schools and institutions I have found that the attitude one brings to a focused retreat is more conducive to deep exploration of our natural creativity.

My workshop repertoire unfolded out of my experience as a somewhat nomadic artisan and teacher, stirred together with a lifelong passionate interest in the mysterious movement of creativity, and infused with what really matters – our awakening to the Real. I’ve always been more interested in art as the mapping of one’s journey into creativity than in producing prescribed or pre-defined products. While I am now in the so-called retirement years of my life, my delight in sharing this creative journey has never waned.

I’m not an authority on creativity, and I’d be sceptical of anyone who claimed to be. I’m just a fellow wayfarer on the via creativasomeone whose destiny has been to make things, to teach, to travel, and to experiment deeply and directly with creativity and consciousness.

The repertoire:

the art of chance

a colored state of Grace

making love with light

icons and altarpieces

Apart from workshops offered to single participants or small groups (I only have room for three) in my own studio, the retreats are ideally offered at venues established with the intention to provide a space of beauty, tranquility and sanctity; places conducive to inner exploration, contemplation and creativity.

I ask no renumeration for the knowledge and wisdom bestowed by life over many decades of experience; however I do charge students for my time, at a rate in accordance with today’s cost of living.

A brochure is under production and will be posted here soon. Meanwhile, please make contact if you’d like more information. Thank you!

Miriam Louisa Simons: Wonderingmind Studio - Color workshop in Kerala, IndiaA Coloured State of Grace retreat in Kerala, India


Miriam Louisa Simons: Wonderingmind Studio - Color workshop at Brockwood Park, Hampshire, EnglandGetting to grips with colour mixing on a workshop in Hampshire, England