WONDERINGMIND STUDIO – first published in 2007 – is my cyber cubbyhole, a website and BLOG where I store assorted evidence of my creative life and useful resources.

You’ll find information about she-who-makes on the ABOUT page, where there are links to my ARTIST’S STATEMENT, workshops, publications and whatnot.

Three threads braid themselves together to form my creative life, both in the studio and the wider context of life:  making, writing and sharing. 

The groupings of portfolios present the MAKING aspect.   Links to essays and musings can be found on the WRITING page, and the SHARING page will take you to my free series of E-BOOKS as well as other resources.

Thanks for visiting – I’d love to think you might find something useful here for your journey on the via creativa.

– miriam louisa simons, 2022