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On the first day of August, 2012, with the moon full in Aquarius (my sun and moon sign) I decided to embark upon a new project.

I wanted to celebrate the often taken-for-granted workings of this wondering mind, and to re-engage with my creative practice after too many moons of its neglect.  Circumstances had called my creative energy to flow in other directions.

I wrote: “I am timid; switching from carer to créatrice isn’t a story-shift that happens overnight.  I will endeavor to post a small detail from a piece of my work, or a sketchbook, each day.  They will also appear on their own pages – where I can view them together, lest I forget to remember …”

August, September and October sped by, and amazingly I didn’t miss one post, although a couple of times I had to catch up because travel made internet connectivity difficult.

But now it’s time for a break. It feels as though my mission has been accomplished, and what a bonus it has been to become connected with so many creative and generous bloggers who left comments and ‘likes’ on my posts. Gratitude to you all!

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