every maker knows the feel of love


Every maker knows the feel of Love.


It’s the upsurge of


in your heart
when your gaze falls upon
your makings,
the makings born of an innocent mind


and finds them pleasing.
And you wonder where they came from,
how they happened;
you listen closely as they whisper their story,
the story you had no intention
of telling – indeed, you never knew
until now, until your hands
tentatively, tenderly birthed its expression



And if your makings have no toe-hold
in the art market…?
Perhaps it’s all the better.
Then you know you’re on your true way,
(not merely a clone, a follower of fashion)
immune to the bleating of the corralled sheep
who claim to know what “real art” should look like.

You stand in your authenticity,

You find you don’t mind
that your makings hold no commercial value,
have no relevance to the commodified art scene.


You know only one thing matters:
your devotion to


You smile at your makings; you nod
knowing that regardless of the titles you gave them
their true name is Love
and they are part of a series that has no end.


Every maker knows the feel of Love.


Miriam Louisa Simons, Refuge Robe

 Refuge Robe, acrylics, pastels, metallic pigments, loose textured canvas, steel gauze
Private Collection. An offering made for dear friends who gave me shelter during troubled times.

The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.
Carl Jung

I play with color: I love the subtle way it moves and the mystery of its interactions. I love tonal gradations.

I play with texture: I love the way texture reveals light, creates form.

Since color and texture are the agencies of light, I guess that means I play with light: I am a lover of LIGHT.

What is the feel of your Love? What do you love to play with?


6 thoughts on “every maker knows the feel of love

  1. This post is absolutely beautiful! Really touches my heart. I cannot often say that I feel the light, joy, love in what I create. This week I did. Generally, it was a difficult week, I felt heavy. I played with colour for myself, I long concluded that I will never sell anything. Thank you for these beautiful words. I will print these words for myself and attach it to the series of vibrant cards I made to remind me.

    1. Thank you for professing our real feelings. And expressing and posting words I cannot come up with but feel so deeply. 😉

  2. Your colors are beautiful as they meld into one another in “Refuge Robe.” The words are a very good reminder, too. I play with my camera, and again with the images on the computer, and I do enjoy it. Yesterday I got a brief break in endless rain and walked in a magical forest; photos from the walk will be coming in a week or two…thanks you for your work…and play.

  3. How lovely and sweet dear ML…..Thank you.
    I also love the last line in your artist statement, ‘I don’t have things to say, I am simply and unapologetically “on the make”. I am on “on the make” again and that feels good ….with barely a whisper of a story as yet. Marita

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