untitled – silk banner

textile | transformation
Hampshire, England

It often happened during the years when I was teaching art at Brockwood Park School in Hampshire, England, that my own artwork had its origin in classroom activities.

My keen group of students were learning how to paint on silk and other fibers as part of a fiber art program. They also wanted to explore off-loom weaving processes.

I had a wonderful stash of painted silk color samples from studio experiments in earlier days, and laminated them onto canvas to make ribbon strips. In the attic I found a discarded window blind made of narrow pieces of wood – these were painted using light-reflective acrylics.


Wonderingmind Studio: Miriam Louisa Simons, Silk Banner


The wooden sticks and the silk ribbons came together in a pattern discovered in one of the texts we studied – it’s a very old Chinese pattern symbolizing the ebb and flow of the Tao.


Wonderingmind Studio: Miriam Louisa Simons, Silk Banner - detail

A closer look.

The weaving was eventually mounted on a length of painted bamboo matting.
1780 x 650
painting on silk, off-loom weaving
silk Habotai, canvas, wooden sticks,
acrylic paints, fiber-reactive dyes

nomad collection: England

6 thoughts on “untitled – silk banner

    1. Thanks jacalyn2013 – I actually found it really difficult to photograph this piece and am not at all happy with the result. The whites are very dull. The close up shot is truer to the colors of the silk, but still doesn’t show their vibrancy…

  1. Miriam, this is absolutely gorgeous – and I love the mount you chose for it. The piece overall has an ‘op-art’ flair like those style of op-art paintings w/ such vibrant patterned colors. So much lovely work exists from your ‘treasure chest’ of artworks – always interested in what things you chose to show us!

    1. It’s great to have your feedback Patricia – thank you! I adore working with color for its own glorious sake, and weaving facilitates this beautifully. There’s also the math – it fascinates me.

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