I paint with my back to the world

Yesterday I moved home and studio. Body and mind need R&R. What could be better than a cup of tea and some wry wise reminders from painter Agnes Martin about what matters? I love what she shares about staying in bed until she knows exactly what she wants to paint. Ahhh.


Agnes Martin - Gratitude 2011

Agnes Martin – Gratitude – 2011


I don’t have any ideas of my own
and I don’t believe anybody else’s,
so that leaves me a clear mind …
– Agnes Martin



8 thoughts on “I paint with my back to the world

  1. Thank you for posting this; it is an eye opener. I spend far too much time fluttering around, trying to create when the inspiration hasn’t hit. I know when I am ready to create so I think I will stop forcing it and instead try waiting for the inspiration before I begin. Agnes is a gem.

    1. Lovely comment Jan – thank you. Yes, it’s a familiar one, that need to be busy and productive when we aren’t really inspired. My antidote is to start mixing colors in a very scientific way – keeping swatches and notes, This convinces my brain that I am gainfully employed, and lo and behold – within a very short time the colors usher in inspiration, and I’m up and away… 🙂

  2. What a great gem of an interview. I do wonder sometimes after a piece of work is finished – I look back on it and think only to myself, “Now, really…where did that come from?!” Although I don’t share all her beliefs about conceptualism, I do appreciate the magnificence she’s achieved with her paintings. And this example you’ve so wonderfully shown to us here is just amazing and yet so subtle. Fabulous post, Miriam – I hope all has gone well w/ your move, and your life is settled back to normal quickly!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Patricia – it’s true, the whole process of creating, with its mysterious mix of thought and no-thought, is a constant source of wonder.

      Thanks too for your kind words about The Move. I’m still navigating a labyrinth of boxes and far from organized, but it feels w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l to have a space – at last!

      BTW – you, and Art Does Matter, are Friday Fave this week. Gratitude!

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