textile and transformation


Wonderingmind Studio: Miriam Louisa Simons - Ankida. Painting on silk.


Silk Habotai, card, textured wood panel, mosquito netting, woven metal fragment, acrylic paints, fiber-reactive dyes
Painting on silk, assemblage
643 x 312

This piece illustrates a poem:

mountains of green
mountains of blue arise:
gratitude wells up
and fills my eyes

When I moved from Europe to tropical Queensland to care for my frail aged parents in their last chapter, I would sometimes take respite time at Ankida, a rainforest sanctuary in the Gold Coast hinterland. I felt like a Zen hermit tucked away in a grass hut amongst mountains that rolled westward for ever. It was a good place for poetic ramblings and painting; I felt blessed beyond words.

8 thoughts on “ankida

  1. Miriam, if it were possible to attain “Nirvana” by looking at a piece of art, then I just did. Your color choices, media used – everything here – is just exuding beauty. Lovely work!

    1. Oh – what a kind comment Patricia! Color on silk is magical – no other surface sings with the same energy. I miss it. Your response just might see me returning to that technique! Meanwhile – I’m bowing in gratitude. 🙂

  2. Miriam, this brings to mind…rumi’s exhortation “to close the language-door and open the love-window”
    gratitude opens my heart to the miraculous
    thank you for sharing!

    1. Diana – there’s a little thrill running through me when I read that my work brings the beloved Rumi to mind for you… what an honor!
      Thank you for leaving such a beautiful comment!

  3. ok – something must be good to the core when it ignites comments like the above ! Reading the comments made me think , oh ghee , they said it all and better – nothing for me left to write here 😉 – just one thing – how is it possible that there is so much glow coming from a tiny digital something on my laptop screen – how much more it must be glowing in real life. To check that out – that in itself would be worth a trip to down under 😉 Love from Dagmar

    1. Dagmar – you made my day! What a joy to hear from you here my dear friend.
      Yes, that’s the amazing thing about color on silk – it glows.
      In real life, too.
      Why don’t you come and check it out?
      Golly I’d love to see you again.
      Love/hugs/smiles ~ ml

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