daily details 31.10.12 - miriam louisa simons


folded and buried khadi papers, powdered paint flakes from walls of village huts,
antique woven and embroidered textile fragments, chalk, whitewash, mud stains,
thorns, mosquito netting, cowrie shells, coconut twine

We do not know until the shell breaks
what kind of egg we have been sitting on.

– T S Eliot

6 thoughts on “31.10.12

  1. This is last a memory trove – an image-print -noname…I get an image of you with a basket and a strawhat picking up all kinds of stuff,looking at it lovingly and then collaging it –
    this is very inspirational, M.L

    1. Yes Leelah, I’m a fossicker and gatherer of things wondrous and oft overlooked. Sometimes it takes years for these goodies to find their place in a work. When they do, I laugh and understand why I had to keep them so long …

    1. Thank you dear Rita. It was amazing to work on this series in India – demonstrating to my students the way they could make “meaningful and beautiful artwork” without expensive art materials. I’m delighted by your appreciation – 🙂

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