27.10.12 + the nitty-gritty


daily details 27.10.12 - miriam louisa simons


acrylic on canvas

Once a spark of creativity illumines you, the act of creating becomes a journey into the uncharted.
It requires a kind of willing surrender, to the unknown, that can be both daunting and divine.
True creative expression can never be our own, we are the hands and heart through which it flows.

– Osho

5 thoughts on “27.10.12 + the nitty-gritty

    1. How beautiful!

      This is a detail from a piece called “Refuge Robe” – it was a gift of gratitude to kind friends who repeatedly offered me sanctuary during a tough life-chapter. Their friendship was like a protective cloak…

      1. yes. Sanctuary describes it perfectly for me. Dear sweet sister – loving hugs to you

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