daily details 25.09.12


pulped and sculpted Arches watercolor paper, gold lurex thread, pearls, gold beads

This whole adventure of creativity is about joy and love.
We live for the pure joy of being
and out of that joy unfolds the ten thousand art forms
and all the branches of learning and compassionate activity.

– Stephen Nachmanovitch

2 thoughts on “25.09.12

  1. OK.This is adorable. Love the tiiiny tusks of gold thread. Going to send you a photo of my Artemis,Miriam. I made her hair out of goldthread like yours…going to look for this watercolorpaper too- the structure seems interesting –
    always love

    1. Thank you dear Leelah – Artemis is so sweet, and potent too 🙂

      The watercolor paper comes in flat sheets – it’s the pulping process that creates the texture and structure.

      This detail is from a photo taken looking into the interior of a “dreamcatcher” bowl.

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