9 thoughts on “14.09.12

  1. when I look at it, it just goes on expressing itself. SO alive – so everywhere -your art feels like pools of peaceful play to me.I dip myself into it and i am cleansed

    1. “pools of peaceful play” – !!! – dear Leelah I couldn’t wish for a more gratifying reason to create anything, than knowing that even one person saw what’s expressed in the way you describe.

      In actuality though, the work happens from a simple urge to play-fully express, not for any premeditated reason at all. It would seem that you have the sensitivity to engage with it at the same resonance … thank you!


      1. Leelah means “Divine play” 🙂 for me, play has always been what God is all about – following it where it wants to go. I learned that NOT in the Collage of arts, but by my main professors Paolo Knill and Margo Fuchs. in my education i n Expressive arts therapy – and in every process I have been blessed to guide students through: IT plays through us, in direct measure of our willingness to not know and just follow.

      2. Thank you for your beautiful comment Leelah. What fortunate students, to have someone whose very name describes the creative process as their guide.

        “willingness not to know” – this is the key. Not so easy though is it? Especially when it comes to the big work of art called Life!

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