Wonderingmind Studio: Miriam Louisa Simons - daily details 11.09.12


canvas, recycled corrugated card, acrylic paints, painted silk, fiber reactive dyes, cotton cord,
gold lurex thread

Every creative act involves … a new innocence of perception,
liberated from the cataract of accepted belief.

– Arthur Koestler

3 thoughts on “11.09.12

  1. there is a feeling of little-child-overjoy to find this art. I wish I had made it 🙂 this is how I feel about it. Love love love it. The sensitivity, the care, the delicacy,the subtle humor and joy, the vastness: I love the tiny details of every image.
    Thank you!

    1. Leelah – I don’t think I have ever received such beautiful feedback for my work! I’m simply delighted that you appreciate all the joy that goes into my rather odd and eclectic way of expressing… Thank you!

      1. I not only appreciate it, i become it – and then it is simple to remember who I am, behind all this me-me-stuff

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