5 thoughts on “04.08.12

  1. Dear Miriam Louisa,
    thank you, first of all, for reading my blog. You honor me with your interest. I have looked around here at wonderingmind studio a bit and am humbled and grateful that you are here, sharing your wonderful art, stories, and inspiration with the rest of us lucky enough to have found you. I feel you to be an instant mentor to me, as I have been an artist interested in the process of artmaking for healing and contemplation for many years. You are living the life I aspire to, somehow, in my own small way. You inspire me greatly!
    These days I have put away my art making materials and been mainly writing as my creative outlet. But I know that when the time is right, I will again open my boxes and create something interesting and satisfying.
    thanks again for being here. warm regards, Leigh jardine

    1. Leigh – thank you so much for your generous comment, I am humbled. I feel the same about your blog – your writing goes deep and continues to inspire me – we are in mutual mentorship!

      I love to know that you look forward to a time when those boxes of art materials will be opened, and something “interesting and satisfying” will be created. I hope you will share it with me. Meanwhile, please keep gifting us your wonderful writing!

      1. Thanks for your kind reply, Miriam. I guess I have to, it’s a kind of obsession these days….

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