the art of not-knowing

This is my first post to a blog of any shape or size – imagine waiting for over 6 decades for the experience!

On my studio wall I have a little note-to-self, just in case I fall into the fantasy that everything must be under control and p-e-r-f-e-c-t  . . .

relax into the art of not-knowing
revel in the joy of wondering mind

This is good advice for a novice blogger. I’m keeping it conscious (between hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing) as I fumble my way with the construction of this site “… one error at a time …” as the wise timethief quoth! (Where would those of us suffering from blogger beginner’s mind be without timethief?)

I must also be patient. And if you’ve found your way here I apologise for the lack of – anything much – as yet. If I could have completed the site before publishing I’d be happier, but there ya go. Everyone gets to watch. This is a new experience. Woooo Hoooo!


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