Miriam Louisa Simons - Rose Blu, detail

Welcome to ‘wonderingmind studio’ – I’m glad you found your way here.

This is my online cubbyhole, where I keep together assorted evidence of my creative life. It’s part website, part blog.

I hope you’ll have a look around and let me know what, if anything, you find useful.

I’m known as an artist but I consider myself more accurately a maker, or perhaps an artisan. I paint, yes, but sometimes on canvas, sometimes on silk or handmade papers. I also collage, print, weave, stitch and dye, on whatever materials best suit the task in hand and express the idea in mind. I’m more interested in what unfolds as I question possibilities than in producing a certain kind of art product. My brain thrives on a mix of curiosity and wonderment, which means my expressions are of a very eclectic nature.

I’ve written in more detail about the way I work in my artist’s statement. Also see the info page, and the oeuvre¬†page.

A parallel passion for me is education; I’m now gloriously retired from formal teaching, but still enjoy offering courses and workshops if asked; see the creative retreats page. My e-books – empty canvas : wondering mind – a series of 9 workbooks, including over 200 visual language activities, object-art activities and projects, are an ideal resource for teachers and students at all levels of practice; you can download the PDF files here for free. There are many other goodies related to creativity on the resources page.

What I love:

Making things. Marvelling at the way the stepping stones form under my feet when I’m walking the via creativa without fear of the unknown. The joy of watching students awaken to their authenticity, both in visual language and in the big artwork of Life. And last but not least – the unknowable Bright, the silence behind everything thought, experienced or created. In another age I might have been called a mystic, but I’m much too greedy for Life to be a true contemplative. Everything I hunger for is right here under my nose, in the everyday moment-by-moment miracle of Creation. Not even under my nose – it’s inseparable from this matrix called ‘me’.

To give that immensity expression – that’s what really interests me.

РMiriam Louisa Simons, 2015


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One thought on “welcome

  1. This is going to sound weird…but your blog is hypnotic. I don’t know why but I read every post in a calm cool collected state of mind. Well please continue writing and I’ll continue reading :)

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